• We are Kappa Phi.

    Say hello to the Kappa Phi Chapter of the Zeta Psi fraternity, at Cooper Union.

  • We are a small chapter dedicated to developing positive outcomes here at the Cooper Union.

    Through brotherhood, friendships, and social work, we look to expand the positive role of Zeta Psi at the Cooper Union.

  • Take a look at some of our achievements or get in touch if you have questions for our chapter.

More About Us


Each year, we dedicate our time to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, a local charity dedicated to providing cheap housing to struggling families.

We also host many charity events at local parks like Washington Square. Whether it be through super-bowl brackets, selling pancakes in Frankies, or League of Legends tournaments, we work hard to raise enough money for our chapter to really make a difference.


We have a vibrant, active elder chapter who provide a direct link to Cooper's past for our chapter. Keeping in touch with elders is great for networking and meeting fellow Zetes that have been in our shoes.


We have several events every semester dedicated to improving our relations with the elder chapter. These include dinners, bowling, barbeques, sports and much more!


With the advent of tuitition at the Cooper Union and ever increasing chapter fees, many active brothers feel pressured by the financial burden of semesterly dues. As an elder, consider making a small donation to our chapter.

These donations are meant to cover the cost of elder-active events such as dinners, official Zeta Psi events such as banquets, or chapter fees. If you have a specific request as to how your donation should be spent, please let us know.


We are a group of students, 15 strong, and a group of elders, 350 strong, dedicated to academic excellence, social progress and the betterment of the Cooper Union.

We host many events on and off campus, whether it be our annual Halloween Party, End of the Year Party, or various other social events throughout the semester.


We are a group of gentelmen at the Cooper Union who strive to be excellent in all ways. We wish to offer both our fellow brothers and the Cooper Union our unique talents and so that we may strive to form a more perfect Cooper's Union.


Interested in joining? Have a question? Let us know by contacting us using the form or at kappaphizete@gmail.com.

Meet the Brothers.

JP Patton


JP is currently serving as our chapter president and is reponsible for the day-to-day operations of our chapter. Get in touch with him using the links below or at jacquesimosseri@gmail.com.

Calder Leppitsch

Rush Chair

Calder is our rush chair. He is responsible for hosting events targeted at those interested in joining Zeta Psi. Get in touch with him using the links below.

Get In Touch With Us.

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Interested in joining or have a question? Drop us a line using the form.

Our Location

41 Cooper Square
New York, NY
10003 US